With a majority of the population steering towards freelancing and working from home. It has been a palpable shift in the consumer needs.

People who take up this huge task of managing both, their professional and personal lives in one small space. They are always on the lookout for things that can help them section off their own small work space from the rest of the house.

Every work needs a small sanctuary of peace and order. It can help you get some much needed reprieve from the chores and banter of the household.

While it is always such a beautiful experience to have a separate section or room dedicated to your office. It can cost quite a few bucks and to be honest. It is not always a feasible option for people who share their living space with others.

Also, the lack of availability of a sectioned off room is one big issue that always deters people. You can more often than not see them shift bases like nomad from the living room to the bed, or  times to the dining table.

To help you set up your own private little corner in the house. It can help you concentrate and work without worrying about someone popping in and having to change places, lugging your laptop and notes along, these tips and tricks can help you build your own work area and what can help give it a more professional vibe:

  1. A Multi-tasking desk or study table:

    If you are someone who can only utilize an empty corner of a room or lobby, invest in a small multitasking table that can work to keep your laptop and other accessories with lots of drawers and shelves to store them away once you are done. This can also work as a filing cabinet to store all you files and notes in one place if having a separate cabinet is not an option.

2. Notice Board:

A small notice board that can hold the task lists, agenda, important notes and other priority matters that need attending can help you organize your day and schedule and work more efficiently.

3.A white board:

A white board helps you organize your thoughts and play with an idea more creatively and freely as opposed to writing it down on paper. Use the board to play with any plans, plots or even, list down the pending chores that need tending to after work!

4. Desk Accessories:

With limited space, comes limited accessories. Therefore, invest in organizers that can hold many items such as pens, sharpeners, rulers, sticky notes, notice board pins and note pad. The market is full of creative holders that can give your desk a minimal, clean and decluttered look.     

5. Personalize:

When you have a corner to yourself, if it can often pull down your spirits. Liven the space with personalized frames, book ends, framed quotes to keep you inspired and even, the photos of your partner, children or pets. This not only gives your office a more polished look but also helps you get in the work mode by imitating the likes of an office.


No space can be adequate and proper to work in until the area has good lighting. Utilize a corner near a window to utilize the sun’s light to power through the day. Invest in a lamp or overhead lighting fixtures can liven up the space of the office. This will not only give the office a brighter, livelier look but also, put less strain on you while you are working, tucked away in a small corner.

7. Work Phone Line:

wall mounted phone or even a desk phone that can be only for your work purposes can help your life in so many ways. Usually, giving out your personal or home number results in an unnecessary and unwanted intrusion in your personal zone. It is difficult to manage boundaries when someone knows that you are at their beck and call. Investing in a separate phone line keeps the boundaries intact. A freelancer or work from home person usually gets caught in the blurred lines of distorted space. Where personal boundaries often get disrupted, ending up with a cluttered, confused work day.

8.Set the line:

Mention to your clients or employer the time period you have set aside as working hours. Put across, in no uncertain terms, the first and last hours when you can be contacted. Mount a wall on the wall facing the desk to keep a track of time.

9. Indispensable equipment:

Since your office space is small, invest in the equipment that you cannot do without. Invest in a multitasking paraphernalia that works as a printer, scanner and a Xerox machine. All built into one to reduce the space 3 different gadgets would have otherwise occupied.

10. The right posture:

Any good office cannot be complete without the right office chair. Invest in a chair that is plush, can swivel, rotate and arch. Considering the fact that you might have to end up sitting and working for a majority of your day. You should make it as comfortable as possible. A good chair ensures less strain on your back, a better posture that can often be degraded. long sedentary periods and cushion your hips and waist without straining on them. A wrong chair can lead to problems like chronic back pain, cervical and body ache.

Investing in a small office space obviously dents in the pocket. Investing in just the right and minimal essentials can help you have your personal space without wasting lost of time.  Utilize the space to section off your personal and professional life by creating an upbeat. Inviting and bright working environment that doesn’t bring you down with the idea of working from home.It is very crucial to set boundaries, for clients as well as your family and friends. Let them know the time when you are free to indulge and converse.

  1. So how do you Make Your Own Home Office? Do share your ideas with us in the comments below.