10 Things You Must Remember When Adopting A Cat or Dog

Adopting a pet dog or a cat is slightly more complicated and requires more deliberation than is apparent. Mostly because animals do not speak a language that we comprehend. So, understanding them is a very emotionally draining and care intensive.

There are quite a few factors that a pet owner can take into consideration before petting an animalPet owner  will be surprised to know that while your undying compassion that is waiting to be poured on your pet dog or cat. It might appear to be credentials enough. There are actually quite a lot more of dynamics involved in building a successful relationship with a pet animal

1. Test The Waters Before You Take The Plunge

The first and most important aspect to consider before taking in a pet is to understand, it is forever. Dog or a cat is a living animal with emotions.

So before you adopt a pet, take a lot of time to think upon your living conditions. Also, constraints and personal limitations, if you are up for it for life because there is literally no turning back.

Understand its needs and the amount of expenses to be incurred. The quality of love and attention it requires to grow into a healthy animal. Once you have a clear understanding of the requisites. Pet owner should take some time to think and make a decision in the best interest of all.

2. Adopting or Purchasing

There are two ways to taking a domestic pet. Either one can go to a pet store or just adopt a stray. Pet store breeds are commercially raised by their owners for sales and for every commercial pet that is chosen by prospective patrons.

But if we agree that pets are not inanimate objects like toys or fashion accessories, on a humanitarian ground. It becomes all the more logical to opt for a stray at the pound or on street and adopt one.

3. You are financially sound 

All the love in the world is not enough if one cannot match it with sufficient finances. An animal essentially is physically driven and although lack of care and attention will not result in premature demise but untimely or neglect in a healthy diet may result in disease ailment or even death.

So balance the love you are dying to pour on a furry friend with a healthy financial condition and you are all rearing to go. 

4. Neutering Your Pet

If you really care for animals and are an unconditional pet lover neutering of castrating your pet is the wisest decision you can make that will go a long way to the service of the animal world. For every unwanted stray born, one animal has to be put down at the dog pound. So neutering your pet will ensure you are doing your bit for strays and the animal world in general.

5. Tagging Your Pet With a Collar

Do not forget to personalize your pet with a collar or a unique identification tag linking him back to his owner with a postal address and a contact number. Every untagged or unidentified animal is rendered a stray and is just a call away from the animal pound seizing their freedom and caging them.

6. Pet Care & Hygiene

Like human beings your pet animals be it a cat or dog also requires personal hygiene and proper care. There are ample of tailor made hygiene products for both cats and dogs in the market and pets need the same hygiene regimen as human beings namely, toothbrush, routine baths, shampoo to make their fur smooth and silky and regular disinfecting, to prevent flea infestation. It is necessary to give them regular baths with customized shampoo and keep them disinfected and vaccinated.

7. Planned Diet Control

Every animal has a special diet requirement and substituting their dietary supplements or including restricted food in their diets can be damaging beyond repair. For example, meat is a very important part of a dog’s diet but chocolate is absolutely fatal for a dog if consumed over a period of time. Hence a planned diet chart is very important and crucial for a long healthy life of your pet and consulting a veterinarian is a recommended way to go about it.

8. Pet Entertainment & Playtime

Like human beings your pets also need a balanced playtime, playthings and recreational value chalked out in their entire daily routine for healthy growth and development of their animal personalities. So, it is quite necessary for every owner to not only provide them with a playful atmosphere but also take out time from their schedule to play with them.

9. Fitness & Training

Similarly, along with playtime, there also needs to be a slot in your pet’s daily routine for fitness and training. Needless to say, as a pet owner one should be prepared to accompany, lead and train their pets in fitness programs by example so that they remain healthy and in good stamina which is conducive for long life.

10. Unconditional Love & Attention

Last but not the least, your pets feed off your vibes and inculcate them in their personalities. So, remember while they are also effective stress busters your unconditional care. Attention is what nurtures them into model extensions of family members.

Your pet may crave for your attention and love despite being fed and attended to because that is their only reward.