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American Aztec Indian Healing Clay natural God mud mask to clean pores

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Aztec Clay Production date: New Shelf life: 3 years Weight: 454g Package: Box Place of Origin: India About the Product World’s most powerful facial Deep pore cleaning deep cleaning\ 100% natural bentonite clay calcium natural calcium bentonite, 100% Does not contain: Additives, fragrances, animal products with no additives and animal ingredients\ Specification: 454g Clay has been used for centuries in India as a mask. Cleopatra used the clay of the Nile and the Arabia desert in 1800 as part of her beauty ritual. The spa in Germany and Rome used clay in the hot springs they built 4000 years ago. Many of these hot springs still exist, even today using clay. The old elders gave &ldquo the whole chapter of his natural history; many used clay natural therapies, acne, blackheads and tighten the skin of many famous such as Kuhn, just and Kneipp contribute to the revival of the clay through their brief history of Aztec Indian clay – the world’s most powerful facial use clay and Apple Cider Vinegar can be traced back to sixteenth Century in southern France, priest, kneeling, and his use of clay and silt throughout history, especially the use of clay, green clay or bentonite, there are detailed records. For more information, look for the &ldquo on the clay; our earth we by Raymond · Deset, translated by Michel · Abeixiela at your local health food store or a bookstore with Aztec secret Indian clay is from death valley, bentonite clay in California, where dried up sometimes reach 134 degrees face in six months, the temperature of acne, body wrap, clay cold bath, foot soak, knee wrapped clay and insect bites. Enjoy the benefits of clay in your own home Usage method: 1: first of all, the clay and the same component of unfiltered malic acid or water mixture, in a non-metallic bowl or utensils in the mixture into a paste, add clay and water on demand. If the first time is not good, then the first point, wipe forehead or other places, such as the amount and method of time for their own skin to grasp the good, in full swing, so as not to waste 2: the hair with a hairpin do not good, first with a hot towel to apply the face, as far as possible evenly wipe on the face, the thickness is about 04cm— 06cm, clay will slowly become dry hard. 3: this time, clay gradually become dry, you will have skin pulling and tight feeling, can feel the skin in the pulse flow, and even feel the face can’t move (the delicate skin retention of 5— — 10 minutes; normal skin sparing 15— wash with warm water, 20 minutes) after washing the face is small red is a normal phenomenon, about 30 minutes.

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