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Blue Song Speed Training Running Drag Parachute Soccer Training Fitness Equipment Speed Drag Chute Physical Training Equipment

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Size: 142 * 142 cm (about 56 inches)

Adjustable waistline: about 50-110 cm

Name: Sports resistance umbrella (soccer training essential supplies)

Function: resistance training, improve the explosive power, speed and core strength.

The kinematic resistance umbrella is designed and manufactured according to the principle of aerodynamics. It is widely used in sports training. The experimental results show that the resistance of the resistance umbrella is increasing with the increase of the speed. In the sports training can be based on different sports and different levels of athletes choose different specifications resistance umbrella training, it can be widely used in track and field, ball, bicycle, speed skating, swimming and other projects in the training.

Resistance umbrella can practice the speed at the same time practice strength, the perfect realization of the combined. In this training process, the resistance umbrella can help you improve the speed of movement, lower limb strength and explosive force.

The use of resistance umbrella training, can effectively increase the athlete’s resistance load, the athletes at the start to bring it conducive to the speed of play, with the increase in resistance, the athletes at a variety of speeds can be obtained relative to the maximum resistance load. Resistance umbrella can be used directly in the actual training of athletes, does not destroy the technical structure, which is particularly important in training.

When you bring this resistance umbrella running, because the air resistance will produce backward drag force, the faster you run, resulting in greater drag force, through this exercise, you can improve the acceleration ability to improve muscle endurance, To enhance the ability to adjust the direction of high-speed running.

Before the training is a lot of tires, but the tire friction (resistance) will increase with the increase in speed, resistance umbrella will increase with the acceleration, tire training is not conducive to acceleration, because the start is the largest friction.

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 10 cm
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Blue Song

49 reviews for Blue Song Speed Training Running Drag Parachute Soccer Training Fitness Equipment Speed Drag Chute Physical Training Equipment

  1. D***n

    Artisanally but qualitatively.

  2. E***a

    Good, as in the picture, tight

  3. G***n

    Bad Quality

  4. V***h

    Everything is cool, the order came quickly. Quality goods. I ordered from this store cones training and light-weight parachute.

  5. V***k

    I haven’t run yet. Sewn on 3ku

  6. T***s

    I Am very pleased, was what I expected!

  7. P***a

    Everything OK. I recommend this store

  8. P***z

    Superb! Nice fabrics and finish. Pretty big when fully extended, although drag is not so heavy as one could imagine. I use it for hockey powerskating in every training session.

  9. I***k

    Delivery about a month. The product is excellent. Already tried. Son and husband are delighted.

  10. N***a

    It turned out to be more flimsy than expected, part of the parachute made of material similar to tulle. Stitched, too, not very. In general, it is possible to use for the purpose, but any incorrect movement and parachute kabzdet)

  11. Customer


  12. L***o

    Great product, but not seem so tough

  13. B***l

    Very good

  14. A***n

    Very good

  15. Customer

    Tracked, arrived quite quickly, visually everything is intact. The weather is disgusting, so i can not try it yet

  16. E***a

    I received the parcel. At first glance, everything seems to be fine. Check will be only in the spring. Long did not send, but it came quickly enough. The only negative on the belt is no adjustment, the child is more, you need to put the locks special.

  17. C***s

    Very good quality we have already tried it and it is great

  18. K***a

    Parachute sent quickly. Fully tracked

  19. Customer

    all perfect thanks

  20. C***E

    Product with Good quality. Can buy. Came fast

  21. А***д


  22. O***a

    We’ll check the action, we’ll fill it up. Delivery is fast. Thank you. Overall good

  23. E***a

    Quality is good!!!

  24. A***v

    Not used yet. Looks good, but rather weak, for an adult need 2-3 pieces

  25. M***A

    For the price very good product! Thank you very much!

  26. Customer

    Ok for the price

  27. I***B

    I tried not myself, so i can not say efficiency. The parcel came in three weeks. All whole

  28. D***a

    Everything came on time. Thank You

  29. T***n

    Looks good

  30. M***s

    Really good product

  31. Customer

    Good product, thanks store

  32. A***k


  33. Customer

    tested, good product

  34. R***a

    Super parachute

  35. A***v

    Not very hard to run, you need 2-3 pieces to be noticeable

  36. F***r

    Very good

  37. R***n

    Not bad for the price material are just ok it does what it does but I’d order 2 or 3 one just doesn’t do the trick

  38. A***a

    Regular Material

  39. W***S

    Nice size, works great

  40. D***v

    It came quickly enough, the goods are in perfect condition.

  41. A***i

    The product is beautiful

  42. W***a


  43. S***s

    Very good product

  44. D***z

    Everything came excellent, very good store

  45. A***k

    Thank you! Everything is fine and the goods and delivery!!! Good luck and good luck!!!

  46. M***s


  47. M***n

    Good product works well

  48. D***r

    Okay, i haven’t tried it in a race yet but it looks good, looks like it will perform its function properly, wrinkle a lot but brings a bag to keep it, very practical

  49. Customer

    Or good

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