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Ear Otoscope Wireless Digital Endoscope

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3.9mm WiFi Ear Otoscope Wireless HD1080P Digital Endoscope Ear Inspection Camera Earwax Cleaning Tool with 6 Led for IOS Android

The product is called HD WiFi visual Otoscope. Based on its build-in function of WiFi the user can watch real-time image on iPhone, iPad, Android device through front-end camera.

With HD, portable and easy-to-operate features, it is widely applied in ear canal cleaning and fine observation of skin hair, mouth and nose and other places.
Thus it is the necessary household personal care device.

Additional information

Item Type

Ear Care

Model Number

Wifi Ear Endoscope


plastic, metal


3.9mm WiFi Ear Otoscope

Brand Name


Support system

for IOS Iphone Android Smartphone, iPad ,Tablet


Ear Cleaning Endoscope


1 year

Product name

3.9mm WiFi Ear Otoscope

Focus distance

1.5 cm

WiFi Ear Otoscope feature 1

Multifunctional Endoscope , It can also check eardrum, mouth, gum,

Wireless Ear Endoscope feature 2

New Upgrade Wireless built-in WiFi With electronic micro-camera

Wireless Ear Endoscope feature 3

Waterproof & With 6 Adjustable LED light

Wireless Ear Endoscope Adavantage

Easy to used , first Scan QR code download APP , and ope wifi ,

Wireless Ear Endoscope Function

Image Transfer and Save

57 reviews for Ear Otoscope Wireless Digital Endoscope

  1. Customer


  2. S***a

    A boutique, you can buy with confidence, it gives me a good shopping experience

  3. T***r

    It’s very simple to use, we have tried it for a night, it feels a lot more comfortable, worth buy it !

  4. V***v

    Great product. Delivery is exactly on time. Practical, aesthetic, economical, aesthetic, effective!!!

  5. H***g

    Very efficient! I used only one spoon to remove a lot of earwax. It provides many types of headers to use in different situations.

  6. W***l

    Good product, works well. I used it to check my son’s teeth as well. It brought sharp and clear images.

  7. H***y

    This otoscope works great ,Easy set up, instructions were clear- you get the app for free and the images appear on your phone. It’s pretty cool to get such a clear image of the inside of your ear! It has live video and also a picture option. There are different tools you can use to clean out the ear. There was a bit of a learning curve figuring out which way the camera was facing and how to use it, but that was to be expected. Useful and a little bit fun to use too!

  8. T***o

    Very useful ! I love this! I’ve always wanted to know what my husband’s ears looked like because he can put out so much ear wax. And now I finally know. I’m also excited that I have this tool and I can monitor my children’s ears before freaking out to go to the doctor. The picture quality is amazing also.

  9. W***T

    Awesome product ! Love this product! I have used it so may times to look in my grandkids ears to help Mom and Dad know whether to call a doctor! It also clearly shows that my one granddaughter lost one of her tubes! Love it.

  10. A***t

    starsWorks great to see in hard to get to places: ears. nostrils, mouth / throat.

  11. D***n

    This is a great little tool to have you can look in the ear and see where all the wax is located with out damaging the eardrum.. highly recommend

  12. K***g

    This is such a handy and neat device. The picture is crystal clear on the camera. You can even take pictures and video with this device. It’s awesome.

  13. D***s

    Awesome loved it!!! Works great helps keep your ears clean and if you have something bothering you in your ear or what not. This is it also waterproof great product

  14. M***a

    Really cool & easy to use camera/scope This thing is pretty cool! You basically download an app, turn on the WIFI/pair it, plug it in & then use it.

  15. W***u

    Works as advertised , good product , recommend

  16. S***t

    I’m very happy with this purchase. This endoscope is well built. It was fairly easy to set up. It provides a nice clear picture. It could be used for other purposes besides an ear endoscope.

  17. Customer

    It works and is a very good value for the money. Very satisfied.

  18. J***e

    Very easy to use and the picture or view is great, it’s excatly what I was looking for. Very happy with purchase

  19. E***t

    This product works just as promised ,This is such a cool product! It is so easy to set up and use. The picture quality is great! Definitely a great product for the cost!

  20. V***u

    Checked – works. I am pleased. I recommend the store.

  21. A***s

    Very fast delivery, excellent quality

  22. B***r

    I send this gift to uncle. He likes it so much. It can be used to see the inner part of the ear or mouth. So good.

  23. A***h

    Everything is fine. Everything works!

  24. I***v

    Super otoscope! Kul still, at work everyone liked the autumn, i’m a doctor! Thank you store!!!

  25. A***r

    Next on the list when I bring this home is to inspect my dryer vents to make sure they are clear of lint and to check the registers to see if they need to be cleaned.

  26. R***s

    Finally I can see my own ear canal!.. crystal clear image. Took a bit of getting used to ‘steering’ the camera to get around the folds and bumps, but finally got a clear view of both ear drums.. No wax build up to blame, so just selective hearing ๐Ÿ™‚ .. but cleaned it and used it on other family members, one of whom had a substantial obstruction of wax in both ears, which can now get flushed out (different kit) and can then use this to recheck the ear canal afterwards. well worth the money.

  27. S***s

    Absolutely brilliant product, helped me skip appointments and days of waiting with my eardrum blocked

  28. T***h

    The product feels really premium and well built.

  29. A***a

    This ear picking tool have been so easy to set up and pair with my phone, it took me 5 minutes while taking my breakfast. It comes already charged in the box.

  30. S***h

    It comes with 12 different earpices to fit any ear shapes. The charging cable is included plus many other tools to use with the device.

  31. A***a

    Very good product, will work well for what I needed. Great store & fast shipping

  32. P***a

    The camera works great! You can clearly see inside the ear with pretty good detail. Will use it to check for fluid in my child’s ear before going to doctor.

  33. A***G

    Everything is very qualitatively done. Thank you!

  34. C***a

    I knew I had a water leak, the tide marks above the skirting board didn’t leave much room for doubt. Problem was that everything I could see was dry to the touch. I thought an inspection camera was worth a shot before I ripped out kitchen units or dug holes in the walls and ceiling so ordered the endoscope.

  35. O***a

    I wanted something that could focus on objects more than 2 or 3 inches away, to compensate for any lack of control when moving the camera inside a wall or in the cavity behind a kitchen cabinet. This fit the bill and within 5 minutes of downloading the app, I had the leaking pipe work in my sights.

  36. K***v

    It comes with a good package and has a storage box. Worked well for my mobile phone and ipad,the camera is clear so I can view the places that are invisible to the naked eye, very convenient!

  37. K***a

    I found the lights were bright enough to pick out the water droplet on the pipe from several inches away and the picture quality was excellent for my purposes. If I never use the camera again it will have more than paid for itself!

  38. U***h

    I have used this checking my car exhaust system, looking at some wiring that goes behind a wall and looking under the fridge for a dropped coin….. worked brilliant every time, links to phone with ease, very easy to use. Comes in a nice case with clear instructions. oh and i found the coin ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. V***i

    The light from the LED’s is really good, but you can alter this (up or down) by the little wheel on the intermediate box to give the best results. I was going to but this when it was a lot more expensive, but the price it is now it is a real bargain !

  40. G***o

    I am an engineer and have many times in the past thought i needed one of these but was put of by the price. I bought this cheap version with not much hope that it would be usefull. THe app is fairly straight forward to set up and the picture resolution is very good ,just remember you are not taking art prints here. THe attachments that come with it are great ie hte hook and magnet but the water proof case was missing a lens.

  41. D***a

    The other advice is to move it very slowly, otherwise it’s easy to get frustrated. After a while you get the hang of it though – it can still be frustrating, but that’s the nature of this kind of tool I think.

  42. G***a

    The camera cable is semi flexible, so that it can easily be pushed into hard to reach spaces and doesn’t simply bend and get stuck. There is an light on the camera, which can be adjusted for brightness using a simple rotary control on the cable.

  43. O***a

    Simple and versatile to use, charged up the power pack then followed the instructions for installing the iPhone application and connecting to the camera using wifi.

  44. Z***v

    I find this product very useful.

  45. J***n

    a great buy, i’m really chuffed! there are so many other things i’ll be able to use it for so money was well worth it, Many Thanks!!

  46. T***n

    Getting started was easy. Charge it. Download the viewing app. Switch on. Search for its WiFi signal and connect (you’ll be asked for the password just once). Run the app.

  47. R***p

    If you’ve ever tried to look into some inaccessible places then this product is for you.

  48. K***n

    App isn’t bad, and video quality is decent enough for the job!! Seriously love this thing, it’s really fun to use!

  49. S***n

    Very impressed with the picture quality (used on iPad and iPhone).

  50. M***n

    Bought this for pre inspections of inaccessible area and diy. Easy to set up and works straight away.

  51. O***a

    Very pleased with new toy.

  52. F***n

    does what it says

  53. K***h

    If you choose to have your phone attached to the camera, the wifi module has a cover with a suction pad. You can then stick it to the rear of your phone. A bit tight to get on but once in place it stays there.

  54. R***e

    My kids make lot of wax, this little tool makes it easy to clean their ears. Camera is crystal clear, a good quality product.

  55. M***e

    Not user friendly, the app is very hard to use. Camera is not clear no matter what you do. The best thing about it is the wifi adapter which can be used with other cameras

  56. B***k

    I would recommend this to others, very easy to use. I loved different picks that came with it to use on kids. It also came with case, can’t ask for more!

  57. G***k

    High quality product I used and highly recommended to everyone very easy to use . Very happy with the product . You will not regret after ordering

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