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Original 13.3 Inch Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Fingerprint Recognition Intel Core i7 CPU 8G ram 256G SSD Windows 10 Ultrabook Laptop

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Intel I5Intel I7
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Notice: keyboard film sent from Chinese warehouse.

1. Notebook and keyboard film are sent separately, if you receive the watch but do not receive the keyboard film, don’t worry, the keyboard film is still on the way. Please wait patiently.

2. About Tariffs

We will make a declaration at a real price.

We won’t pay the Tariffs, you need pay it by yourself.

3. We do not provide services to activate Office.


Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 10 cm
Dimensions (WxHxD)

309.6mm * 210.9mm*14.8mm

Display Ratio


Graphics Card Model

GeForce MX150

Average Battery Life(in hours)

5-10 hours


1*USB3.0,HDMI,3.5 mm Mic Jack

Operating System

Windows 10

Body Material



Backlit keyboard,Bluetooth,Camera

Display resolution




Panel Type


Hard Drive Type


Screen Size


Hard Drive Capacity




Graphics Card Type

Dedicated Card


WiFi 802.11 ac

Model Number

Xiaomi Air 13

Brand Name




Processor Main Frequency




Processor Core

Dual Core



Video Memory Capacity


Optical Drive Type


Video Memory Type


Graphics Card Brand


44 reviews for Original 13.3 Inch Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Fingerprint Recognition Intel Core i7 CPU 8G ram 256G SSD Windows 10 Ultrabook Laptop

  1. Customer

    Not tracked all the way, courier in hand, packed well, to moscow month, thank you.

  2. D***n

    Mega beast!

  3. F***v

    A beautiful laptop, perfectly copes with its tasks. Comes with chinese windows, need reinstall.

  4. N***a

    Everything is super. Ordered daughters. She’s delighted. I looked a little at the transition to russian. Well, the laptop is super. Everything corresponds to the product description there is only a fingerprint sensor. And so everything is fine. The store is well done!!!! Sent quickly. Delivered to the apartment by courier.

  5. G***r

    No complaints.

  6. T***a

    The store first downloaded the invalid track to track. I didn’t respond to the messages. After almost a month wrote that the laptop sent was lost and asked to reorder. Suddenly found a working track, it turned out that i sent a laptop only 25 days after placing an order. Ten days later he got there. The laptop screen was unglued, the bands around would start to yellow with time. Opened a dispute, which the seller did not answer until the aggravation. In a couple of days it stopped working gtx 1060, error code 43. The problem was not solved programmatically. The laptop was sent back, the seller did not pay the shipment, although by the decision of aliexpress had to. I do not recommend. The seller loaded invalid track, didn’t answer to messages. After a month wrote, that parcel is lost. I was able to find a track, and i saw that he was shipped a notebook after 25 days after ordering! The screen of the laptop was badly glued, that means becoming yellow in that area. After several days gtx 1060 stopped working, error 43.

  7. S***v

    Delivery 5 days, laptop fire, match all the characteristics, see how will be through time

  8. K***k

    Very quickly sent the order. Literally in a week everything came, right to the door by courier. The laptop itself is wonderful, you will not find anywhere else for such a price.

  9. R***v

    Laptop-just flame) I ordered the version on i5 8g, card 1060. The order was sent in a couple of days, in the promised 5 days of delivery did not fit even without the time to send, for which the score and below (sending from spain to poland). Comes with chinese plug without adapter and chinese version of the windows, without the possibility of simple language switching. Took down this junk and put the normal about the version 10ki. Trotling is not noticed, all ports are working, marriage in a week is not detected. Feature of the screen-there are covenants with a dark picture. Absolutely all the necessary drivers are on the office. site and are perfectly put on 10ku. As a result-housewives who can not themselves install os and leave angry comments on this ground will not work. Normal guys-you can take boldly. The store on the triban with a stretched plus. Asked in correspondence quite specific questions, in response received some awkward almost and close to the case. The average speed of sending and faxed delivery time (1-5 days-nonsense).

  10. E***r

    The computer arrived really fast to Spain and everything is matching perfectly as the description. It runs games like Far Cry New Dawn or Apex Legends in Ultra resolution and everything is estable, so I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

  11. V***k

    Received the device 2 days after the order (warehouse in moscow) by courier to the door. Packed very well (2 boxes, pouches, inside the brand box is still some sponge material) of the minuses power cord with chinese plug (had to buy), chinese windows (had to reinstall with the retention of the license, 4pda very much helped in this case). In the rest, some pluses all fly on the ultra. The package corresponds to the description.

  12. E***o

    Anyway, my friends. As for the laptop-chic. The matrix is awesome. Performance at altitude. In general, the steeper has not yet been seen. I put a strong five on the laptop. But with the store had to be afraid. Before ordering, i wrote to him and asked if there is a silver laptop with euro plug. Answered very quickly what is. Well, we paid. Came laptop for 4 days! Fastest shipping. Open, and it is black and with a chinese fork. Discharged in zero, not included! Adapter did not put. And this is a gift to my husband. Nerves spent a lot on finding an adapter. Opened a dispute for 5000. Long attracted aliexpress. Prod offered then 5 dollars, then 3. in the end, i won the dispute. In general: the computer is excellent, prod-* amno. To sell him.

  13. T***a

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Otziv bydet dopolnitelho, kogda perevedy for ryssqii + + + + + + + + + + + + +

  14. J***o

    Very happy with this laptop. The store was very fast on shipping and in 1 day I have the laptop at my hands. I sent messages to the seller and he doesn’t give any feedback. I also leave a message to change windows to English but the box came factory sealed and with the Chinese windows that I have to reinstall using the the same license key. Thanks seller and try to give some feedback when buyers sent you a message!

  15. S***n

    Bomb box

  16. R***n

    Chic beech! Took to replace the desktop computer. Arrived on time, the fork is really not ours, but from the old laptop came up. Drags fallout4 on hurray in maximum detail. Separately delivered the backlight, the photo does not transmit. Unambiguous masthev! Russified the method of reinstallation from 4pda.

  17. Customer

    Excellent computer, delivered in 5 days, while everything corresponds to expectations and description.

  18. M***A

    I asked spain, with shipping from spain a saturday and arrived on wednesday afternoon. Everything in perfect condition. The only problem is that windows comes in chinese (but the keyboard on a normal qwerty, but with a couple of changed symbols, no problem). You’ll have to find your life to install the windows in castellano. There are lots of tutorials to do it, it’s not especially complicated. That work you have to do to install the windows in castellano will be compensated with the great quality price it brings this computer.

  19. A***n

    Great laptop

  20. M***l

    Chic laptop, took for 72 k, fully justifies the price and even more, no problems, all the drivers installed without problems. Separately i want to praise the delivery of 4 days and it is already in my region. The packaging was good, the box was not wrinkled anywhere. The store is sociable, answered all questions. Purchase oooochen satisfied. I was afraid of course to buy here for such a small amount, but i did not regret it. And i’m very glad that i did not overpay 30 k to pick up from the store. I advise everyone!

  21. A***v

    All the way!

  22. A***v

    came in 3 days, product as described.

  23. Customer

    The laptop was received by courier a day after confirmation of payment to moscow. Everything corresponds to the description. I had to mess with the reinstallation of windows in russian, as initially it is in chinese (carefully read the instructions on the forum 4pda how to do it). And it will be necessary to buy an adapter for the russian outlet (bought in the nearest store for 130 rubles) or buy an additional wire.

  24. A***v

    Delivery to peter 5 days, personally in hand! No customs fees! Language china, installation instruction in 4pda everything is clear, clear! bought for 9 years ally cost with all discounts 63 thousand rubles. Very good product, best buy on ally! Take it better not find

  25. A***v

    The laptop from spain to poland reached in 6 days. The film came a day later. On chinese windows could not activate the office. Put russian windows home on instructions with 4pda. Activation is. It’s a pity that there was no adapter for the plug, i had to look.

  26. I***n

    Delivery 4 days from the warehouse of the russian federation. Customs fee did not pay. Windows10 has reinstalled with the retention of the license, etc. And office by website instruction 4pda. Installed drivers from the official site xiaomi. The laptop is very satisfied, works smartly, satisfied

  27. J***l

    The bendedor did not keep his word and sent it in chinese, i do not change the language. It’s complicated.

  28. G***l

    Everything is clear, awesome in games to drag on it. Windows reinstalled on vidosikam from youtube, the fork cut off and soldered the euro.

  29. V***V

    Thank you very much to the store, thought for a long time, but in the end did not regret it. Be sure to find chinese charging! We have it in the city only under the order. Thank god in the end found on avito

  30. S***v

    Came on the 3rd day in mo after payment. The fork cut ours. Windows and the office reinstalled within an hour with the retention of the license. (Before the reshuffle of russian windows, first activate the office on chinese and check microsoft to appear, then install russian) everything is fine) thanks.

  31. A***n

    1. ordered apr 13 (saturday). 18 apr gave a track that earned in two days. From 007ex the package was transferred a1 express, which did not give any information. April 24 called a1, where the working track of the post of russia was quickly given. Why so many intermediaries ??? Delivery 2 thousand, where pofig even the sender. the benefit came (april 27) quite quickly and without special damage. Conclusion: the store sells the goods that he only appears (most likely) and the delivery of his money is not worth it (sorry for the choice there). 2. the laptop itself is gorgeous. Powerful, beautiful, topchik for their money. The keyboard is pleasant, although in english. The bios is made chic. The screen is excellent. I had to truth po! bats with chinese windows and reinstall windows completely. It is interesting now how to return the utilities for this laptop from the original windows. After a couple of months i will write an addition to the review with experience of use, but in the meantime: Laptop 4.8 out of 5 Seller 3.6 out of 5 Shipping 3 of 5

  32. A***v

    The laptop costs its money unequivocally. If you want to buy do not even think, for such money is cheaper only stationary solutions. Later i will supplement the feedback with photos and detailed descriptions of what i encountered

  33. N***n

    Delivery dpd, bought from russia. finished everything alive. Replaced the chinese cord with an incomprehensible plug to our, the price of the question is 170r. Windows interrupted by instructions with the retention of the license, about the office forgot, sad but not critical. Looks cool, for its price worthy, i recommend.

  34. Customer

    Packed perfectly. There are no questions to complete.  Many write that they bought an adapter from a chinese plug to the euro. Why? There is a cable: cee 7/7 on iec 320 c5. Profit. All good!

  35. Customer

    Start with not very good, so it is with delivery. A little rubbed nerves non-travel delivery: the transport company is declared incomprehensible 007ex, which passed tc a1express, very cloudy and with a bad reputation, and delivered in the end dpd. Now to the laptop itself, very good, inspires respect for its monolithic and weight. There are certainly incomprehensible moments like the lack of traditional indicators of charge, hdd work, etc. Windows rearranged according to the recipe from 4pda, very well described, first you need to keep the license of the office, and only then to rearrange the os, if briefly. I checked a lot of things: ram passed memtest, processor prime95, video card 3 dmark (by the way, can decide how fake 1060 in aida64, but do not be afraid, write that just the video card did not wake up, it is necessary to form a report there and look), checked for broken pixels, everything is fine. The assembly also did not find anything criminal. It is inconvenient that the bp fork is chinese.

  36. G***r

    Bought a set with 8 gb of ram and i7, the laptop works well, the ball took off for the cooling system it is not made convenient and noisy although in all gaming notes it is noisy (on the hands you will not play), tested games such as rust, spase engineer, hoi4 and others, for rasta not enough operatives need to add a little, And so all games go to the maximum. The design is very good, there is nothing superfluous as other gaming laptops. The parcel went to peter about 2-3 days after the order, very quickly.

  37. E***e

    All ok. It came quickly. Chinese windows. Reinstalled 4 pda. As a gift sent a silicone mat with a russian keyboard (seen in the photo) while satisfied. In time, a review will be released on the ed skreiber channel. And unpacking on ed skreiber live.

  38. R***v

    The laptop is very pleased, brought very quickly. I ordered on holidays 9 numbers, delivered 14 numbers taking into account the holidays i think that delivery is very fast.

  39. S***d

    The laptop is great! Rolled the image of windows, the license is preserved thanks 4pda, i strongly advise!!!

  40. A***v

    Ordered maximalku. From russia. Received in ryazan on the third day after the order. The courier delivered to the house. The lock is intact. Everything works. I’m waiting for the film from the kit. It is written that comes separately. Seller recommend.

  41. E***n

    Laptop fire! The characteristics correspond to the declared, the assembly is qualitative, xiaomi as always pleases. Quality ips matrix with good color rendering and viewing angles. Of the minuses-there are no russian letters on the keyboard and a chinese plug. The plug is easy to change for 100 rubles, and on the keyboard you can make laser engraving. If you are not lazy and read the forum on 4pda, the license for windows 10 and office 2016 is saved. Do not reinstall chinese windows until you have tied the licenses to your microsoft account, you will have to use the translator from the camera, otherwise the characters do not read. This is not the product that works immediately out of the box, but after simple dances with a tambourine we get a great powerful game machine for relatively small money, i recommend!

  42. M***m

    Laptop excellent for your money, store I sent 3 days after the order, i was very afraid to order on the internet for such a sum, but did not regret it. On youtube found hyde and reinstalled windows to the russian with the retention of the license. Do not forget that the laptop has a licensed office, i advise you to also save it by logging in to the account in the office.

  43. J***o

    All perfect thank you!!

  44. R***l

    Perfect machine very impressed highly recommended. Put an additional 8gb in very easy to access and high quality parts – Samsung. Also works with Lenovo charger (plug lead)so no need to use plug adapter.

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