Paleo diet, also termed as Paleolithic diet, as the name suggests, is a kind of diet plan. which includes the food items that people living in the Paleolithic age used to consume. It was a period that dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10000 years ago. when man didn’t know about farming and used to consume whatever edible came in his way.

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?

A paleo diet typically includes lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds, or in other words, the food that was easily available in the old times by means of hunting and gathering. That’s the reason, it is also called a Hunter-gatherer diet or Caveman diet, or Stone Age diet.

The diet doesn’t include the items that came parallel to farming like the dairy products, legumes, and grains. In fact, according to the researchers, a paleo diet is far more beneficial than the normal diet in terms of health.

The idea of introducing ‘Paleo diet’ is simply to make ourselves meet the real we. The food that we used to eat in the past was much more relatable to us. In fact, we, as humans, are genetically mismatched with the modern diet that suddenly appeared from nowhere with the introduction of farming, some 10000 years ago. So, the real idea is to link with our roots and be healthy.

Why is Paleo Diet a Better Option?

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?Helps in reducing weight

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?

In the paleo diet, you are basically cutting down the food groups which are grain-based, and contain sugar with highly processed fats and oils. This helps your body weight to change for good. Those processed carbs, when are not consumed in your daily routine, would immensely help you in reducing your body weight.

Maintains blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart attacks

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?

Paleo diet, when compared to other normal diets, leads to small improvements in blood pressure. It does so by fastening the flow of blood sugars and triglycerides, which are the fats present in your blood responsible for the increased strokes. Fastening their flow results in lesser strokes and improves the heart functioning.

Helps managing Type 2 Diabetes

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?

According to a research, people who consumed paleo diet for two weeks showed improvement in the blood sugar level, lipid profile, and insulin sensitivity, as compared to those who stuck to their normal diet plan. Thus, this low carb and high-fat diet helps in dealing with Type 2 Diabetes and works as a boon for diabetic patients.

A lesser amount of anti-nutrients

The legumes that we consume in our normal daily routine are not healthy because of the presence of high concentration of anti-nutrients like lectins and phytates which reduced the nutritional value of legumes to a big zero. On the other hand, the paleo diet contains lesser amount of anti-nutrients and helps our body meet its daily requirements.

Rich source of polyunsaturated fats

The paleo diet is a rich source of fat especially omega-3 fatty acids, that play a crucial role in brain functioning as well as normal growth and development. Omega-3 fatty acids contain DHA which is beneficial for heart and eyes. Paleo diet also helps in maintaining a balance of saturated as well as unsaturated fatty acids inside the body for proper functioning of the body cells.

Helps in gaining muscles instead of fat

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?

Most of the food items in a paleo diet are derived from animal fats that are highly rich in terms of proteins. This protein is anabolic in nature and thus, helps in improving your muscle mass along with your BMR. This means that you are not only going to become healthy. Also going to look healthy with those huge toned muscles.

Improves the gut health

High sugar and processed fats can cause inflammation in the intestinal tract, eventually leading to what is called ‘leaky gut syndrome’. This happens because of the increased number of inflammatory messengers called ‘cytokines’ in the body due to high blood sugar level. Thus, to maintain a healthy gut, it is highly recommended to stick to the paleo diet.

Acts as a source of high vitamins and minerals

What is Paleo Diet And Should You Go For it?

Paleo diet is normally rich in all types of seasonal veggies. Thus, it makes sure that our body gets a varied range of vitamins and minerals throughout the year. Vegetables are an important source of dietary fibers, potassium, Vitamin A and C,  folic acid among many other important nutrients. Thus, switching to the paleo diet is like eating a whole rainbow of different vitamins and minerals.

Limits the fructose intake

Our human body utilizes the fructose differently than all other carbohydrates. On the same lines, high fructose intake is not that good for our body. This is when paleo diet comes to your rescue and focusses on fruits having lesser fructose level and a higher level of other nutrients. Thus, reducing the chances of high blood pressure and obesity.

Provides you with more energy

The normal diet contains quickly absorbed sugars and refined starches with a very high glycemic index. On the other hand, food stuffs in the paleo diet consist of slowly absorbed sugars that help you avoid the lag in energy. Which occurs due to the refined starches. Hence, the paleo diet provides you with better energy retention.

Your Turn

As is evident, the paleo diet has a range of benefits. In addition to the advantages mentioned above. The diet also helps you fight against acne problems and allergies and can even cure asthma.